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Posted by RBA on Thursday 17th of September 2015

Update: You can now download the current average book here.

A message from the president - Wally Moraska

WallyThank you for visiting official website for the Rockford Bowling Association. We hope that this site will be useful in keeping you up to date on past and future events including results of tournaments, All Star points, and hall of fame inductions.






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  • City Tournament Unofficial All Event Handicapped Results March 16 2016
    1st Mike Mellies-------------2,324-------$200:00
    2nd Mike Dole----------------2,322--------$110:00
    3nd Ruben Mora-------------2,234-------$76:00
    4th Dan Billman-------------2,226--------$58:00
    5th Cory Archibald-----------2,219--------$44:00
    5th Tammy Demus---------2,219-----------$44:00
    5th Tim Eddy-----------------2,219-----------$44:00
    Low to Cash
    48th Brett Benning-----------2,097--------$5:00

  • City Tourament Unofficial Singles Handicapped Results March 16 2015.
    1st Aaron McCollom----------854------$300:00
    2nd Mike Mellies---------------825------$175:00
    3nd Mike Dole------------------806------$151:00
    4th Butch Olson----------------805------$131:00
    5th Timothy Homan-----------797-----$116:00
    Low to Cash
    95th Doug Peterson---------713-----------$9:00

    City Tournament Unofficial Doulbes Handicapped Results March 16 2015
    1st Greg Fisher/Dustin Swenson------------------1,514---------$600:00
    2nd Dave Ekwall/Tom Cree--------------------------1,503---------$325:00
    3nd Robert Hess/Gary Palmer----------------------1,481---------$190:50
    4th Lee Sprecher/Gary Henson---------------------1,481---------$190:50
    5th Adam Engesetter/Joseph Applegate---------1,480---------$124:00
    Low to Cash
    48th Brian Bagwell/Tim Eddy-------------------------1,378----------$36:00

  • City Tournament Unofficial Results March 1 2015
    Top 5 Teams -----------------------------------------Total-----------Prize
    1st Neon Orange--------------------------------------3,634-----$1,100:00
    2nd The Pro Shop------------------------------------3,525---------$650:00
    3rd Bowlers Mart * Househack--------------------3,518---------$350:00
    4th Bowlers Mart*3------------------------------------3,508----------$243:00
    5th Lefty Oreo-------------------------------------------3,503----------$203:00
    Low to Cash
    31st Joal Larson---------------------------------------3,365------------$90:00
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  • 2013-2014

    Bowler of the year Mike Dole
    Player of the year Mike Dole

    All Star Points
    You are responsible for making sure you and your league secretaries report your scores to the All Star Secretary(Ron Gwaltney) so your points will be recorded !!!!!

  • Congrats to the new Hall Of Fame inductees For the year 2014

    Outstanding Bowler Tom Hinz
    Outstanding bowler Rich Flood
    Outstanding bowler And Meritorious Service Larry Spencer
    Meritorious James Beasley