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Posted by RBA on Wednesday 9th of December 2015

  • All-Star Point System

    Updated 2011Point Summary at bottom of page

    Note: The two changes below started with the 2007/08 season.

    • Adjusted Scale for Certified Sport Shot! PBA Experience Leagues
    • Full Points For All Certified Local Tournaments

    Every fall, an All Star Tournament will beheld. The bowlers with the top 48 all star point totals will be eligible to participate. If a bowler is not able to bowl, the next bowler on the list will be invited. This is an invitational tournament and the RBA has the option of not inviting a bowler if: (1) his conduct in the past has been inappropriate, or (2) he is not a RBA league bowler. The All Star committee will determine the tournament format. The winner ofthe tournament will be the Player of the Year and receive a plaque at the Hall ofFame banquet.

    The bowler with the most points using the All Star format points will become the Bowler of the Year. That bowler will be the number one bowler on the first All Star team. The next four point fmishers will complete the 1st All Star team. The next five point finishers will make up the 2nd All Star team. Plaques for the Bowler ofthe Year and both All Star teams will be presented at the Hall of Fame banquet. A season is considered Aug. 1st thru July 31st of each year. The All Star Tournament will normally take place in Sept. or Oct. following a season. You are responsible for making sure your league secretaries report your scores to the ALL Star Secretary (Ron Gwaltney) so your points will be recorded.

    High score and High Average Points: The emphasis is on league play but the All Star Committee also recognizes tournament play. Bowlers may use scores for series and game points from all USBC Certified events in the Rockford Area in which he bowls.Bowlers with less than 60 games in a league will be considered subs. Subs will receive one-half game and series points.

    Category A - Game Points

      House Shot----------- Sport Shot
    • 300 Game - 5 Points--7 Points
    • 299 Game - 4 Points--6 Points
    • 298 Game - 3 Points--5 Points
    • 290-297 ---- 2 Points--4 Points
    • 275-289 -----1 Point---3 Points
    • 260-274 -------------------2 Points
    • 240-259--------------------1 Point

    Category B - Series Points

      House shot-------------------Sport shot
    • 900 Series - 16 Points--------18 points
    • 891-899 ---- 15 Points-------17 Points
    • 880-889 ---- 14 Points-------16 Points
    • 870-879 ---- 13 Points-------15 Points
    • 860-869 ---- 12 Points-------14 Points
    • 850-859 ---- 11 Points-------13 Points
    • 840-849 -----10 Points-------12 Points
    • 830-839 ----- 9 Points-------11 Points
    • 820-829 ----- 8 Points-------10 Points
    • 810-819 ----- 7 Points--------9 Points
    • 800-809 ----- 6 Points--------8 Points
    • 775-799 ----- 4 Points--------7 Points
    • 750-774 ----- 3 Points--------6 Points
    • 725-749 ----- 2 Points--------5 Points
    • 700-724 ----- 1 Points--------4 Points
    • 675-699---------------------------3 Points
    • 650-674---------------------------2 Points
    • 630-649---------------------------1 Point

      Category C - League Average Points

      Points will be awarded for 200 averages or higher in a winter league at the end ofthe season. A bowler will get points only for his highest 200 average. He must have bowled 2/3 of his leagues season or more to qualify. Points awarded are the number of pins his average is over 200 plus 10 as follows :

      • 200 Average - 10 Points
      • 201 Average - 11 Points
      • 202 Average - 12 Points
      • 203 Average - 13 Points
      • And so on...

      Note: Average points for bowlers that only bowl in certified sport shot leagues will be adjust up by 10%.
      Highest average for the individual in the Rockford Bowling Assoc at the end of the season with 60 games or more - 5 points.

      Highest series in the area for an individual at the end of the season with 60 games or more=2 points.

      City Tourament Singles and All events actual pinfall(scratch)-must be in the top ten places to get All Star points


    • First place 10 Points--Sixth place 5 points
    • Second place 9 Points--Seventh place 4 points
    • Third place 8 points--Eighth place 3 points
    • Fourth place 7 points--Ninth place 2 points
    • Fifth place 6 points--Tenth place 1 point
    • All Events

    • First place 15 points--Sixth place 10 points
    • Second place 14 points--Seventh place 9 points
    • Third place 13 points--Eight place 8 points
    • Fourth place 12 points--Ninth place 7 points
    • Fifth place 11 points--Tenth place 6 points
    • U.S.Open Qualifier:6 points for first,5.5 points for second and so on

    • May 18 2015 All Star Point Summary

      1-Mike Dole-------------------------378
      2-Jerome Woodfork---------------224
      3-Doug Byerley---------------------197
      4-Dan Lemiesz---------------------169
      5-Dan Winter------------------------152
      6-Jim Montgomery-----------------136
      7-Joe Ullrich-------------------------124
      8-Ron Gwaltney---------------------119
      9-Kyle Klingbeil---------------------109
      10-Tom Cree------------------------108
      11-Jason Roddewig---------------106
      12-Andrew Jensen-----------------104
      13-Craig Givens----------------------92
      14-Rick Reynolds---------------------88
      15-Aaron Buss-------------------------84
      16-Mike Huntley-----------------------73
      17-Corey Thomas---------------------64
      18-Kyle Hoppe--------------------------63
      19-Adam Czerniewski-----------------62
      20-Gerorge Hall-------------------------61

    • 2014 Star Tournament Finals
      1st Mike Dole---------------------$1000:00
      2nd Ron Gwaltney Jr.------------$525:00
      3nd Mike Cree----------------------$300:00
      4th Brian Bowman----------------$250:00
      5th Doug Byerley------------------$200:00
      6th Jerome Woodfork------------$180:00
      7th Curt Schiavo-------------------$170:00
      8th Greg Hockmuth---------------$160:00
      9th James Hall--------------------$140:00
      10th Bobby Schmidt--------------$130:00
      11th Rick Reynolds---------------$120:00
      12th Will Schnack-----------------$110:00

      Honor Scores
      Mike Dole 299
      Mike Cree 300
      Ron Gwaltney Jr. 300

    • You are responsible for making sure that you and your league secretaries report your scores to the All Star Secretary(Ron Gwaltney)so your points will be recorded.!!!!!!!

For the complete list of All-Start points, download the .xls document here.